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Learn with Automatic Driving Lessons

automatic driving lessons BedfordLearn and enjoy automatic driving lessons in Bedford. Customised planned tuition by friendly automatic driving instructors who can teach you how to drive automatic cars properly, safely and help you to pass the driving test confidently with skill.

Automatics only have 2 foot pedals which are the accelerator and footbrake. This is because with automatic car driving lessons all the changing of gears and more is carried out smoothly by the cars gearbox or transmission system automatically. This means during your tuition you no longer have to worry about how, or when to change gears, control the clutch or about stalling the car in traffic.

So enjoy learning by taking training the auto way and let the car take care of all the gears and more. Because of this reason most learners require less on road tuition and as a result this saves time and costs overall.

Automatic intensive driving courses

For a faster automatic pass we also provide intensive driving courses in an automatic car. We have a range of flexible options to help learner drivers to get on the roads faster with accelerated tailored tuition.

Some good reason to start automatic driving lessons

  1. Automatic vehicles are easier to learn
  2. Less lessons, less costs.
  3. More time to consentrate on the road. Let the automatic gearbox do the gear work.
  4. No stalling and and uphill starts made easy.
  5. Build confidence on the road quicker.
  6. A superb option for all learners and people with disabilities.

A minor thing to consider with automatic driver tuiiton is that when you pass the test you'll only be able to drive automatic vehicles until you pass a manual test. However, with a wide range of good, fun to drive, affordable auto cars available this not much of a problem at all.

So, lets get started with learning to drive safely and properly with a friendly automatic driving instructor around Bedford. To discuss tuition, or to arrange lessons get in touch the friendly MDS team.